IOTAVX SA3 vs Muzishare X7

When you’re looking in the budget / mid-fi range for 2-channel audio gear the first component you’ll most likely hear about is the IOTAVX SA3 integrated amplifier. It’s a great piece of gear from the U.K. that has two things going for it:


DAC Roundup! ARES II vs D90 vs Bifrost 2 vs ADI-2 vs Gungnir vs Qutest

Why would anyone want to compare this many DACs at the same time? Answer: to try as much as possible to take the guess work out of wondering which DAC is for you.

You’ve probably seen both of my videos going into detail comparing all of the different sound signatures. In this post I’ll post my song test notes for further reading.


MFG’s Reference Tracks

Like you, I love listening to all sorts of music. Here I’ll post my key tracks when testing out equipment.